Why we started blogging?

By Christelle | Posted in lifestyle

April 28th, 2017

The whole idea of a blog is very narcissistic, firstly you assume that anyone cares about what you have to
say and moreover you believe or at least hope that people will be actively interested and follow your
blog because ultimately they enjoy what they see.
All in all, it reeks of self-importance, right, so why are we doing it?
Myself and Dalila actually get asked quite frequently by our own respective friends and family about why
we ‘move all the time’, about what we do for work, why did we study abroad, where will we settle down
In fact, we both face the question ‘So where are you now?’ every time we return to our respective home
countries, and the answer has always been changing. So we realized this was often a key theme of
conversation the idea of travel and expat life and so an idea was born…
The lives we lead are not the most ‘traditional’ in a sense and so all the more reason to write about
things like living somewhere when you don’t speak the language, going on that blind date with someone
from the other side of the world or going on ‘friendship dates’ so you can actually make some friends in
your adopted home.
We feel very much like a part of the ‘international community’ with Luxembourg and Dubai being major
hotspots for this particular breed of people, belonging everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
Our hope is that this blog may be a refreshing change from Instagram eyebrows and birds eye brunch
views (of course there will be some of these at some point, we are only human) and that perhaps our
content will be engaging and dare I say inspiring for those who dream of a life somewhere else.

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