Why move to Dubai?

By Dalila | Posted in lifestyle

May 3rd, 2017

“Why did you decide to move to Dubai?” I think that since I have moved here I have heard that question over 30 times! My answer has remained consistent since the first time. I wanted something different but not too different.

I came here for holidays in 2015 and instantly became fascinated with the city. Fast paced. Crowded. Constantly moving. When I think about it, the only way to express what I was feeling is that I was curious. Curious about a city where everything was possible. Curious about a culture who only allows you to see tiny bits of their life. Curious about a country where you can find the antithesis of everything. By the time I went back to Luxembourg I had decided that I wanted to move to Dubai. It took me 1 and a half year but I finally made it.

I think most people back home did not understand why I wanted this so much and I am convinced that until this was actually happening they didn’t believe I would truly move to the Middle East.

For those that know me well, it should not be surprising. I have gotten used to living away from my family and friends. It’s not easy to understand but for me it’s quite simple actually. Even though I’m close to them and keep in touch on a daily basis almost – thank you technology – I have never felt the need to live physically close to them. So, for me, living in Porto or Luxembourg or Dubai, doesn’t change anything to the strong relationships I have with them, because truth be told, they have gotten used to be in a long distance “relationship” with me.

I am that friend, sister or daughter who needs to get on a plane in order to see you. The one you have to call on the weekend for 45 minutes in order to catch up on the past week’s news. The one you see only several times a year. This basically sums up my relationship with my parents, sisters, best friends, etc. So they are used to it. Of course living in the same time zone helps but I have grown to think that the ties to my family and friends should not prevent me from chasing whatever dreams I might have and this time Dubai was one of them.

In many ways Dubai is very similar to Luxembourg, hence the “not too different”. It’s a multicultural city with people from all over the world living here and chasing some sort of dream, whatever that dream is and regardless of whether it can become true or not.

Personally, I am not sure yet what is it exactly that I am looking for. Is Dubai the place where I can become the best version of me? I hope so! Is Dubai the place where I will have the time of my life? I am sure it is! Will Dubai make me happy? I honestly don’t know but I arrived here with the certainty that I can be whoever I want in Dubai. Or at least have fun while trying. That´s also not so bad right?

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