20 things all solo female travelers go through

By Dalila | Posted in lifestyle

November 13th, 2017

  1. You might travel solo because you have no one to travel with and that’s fine.
  2. You will hesitate before booking a solo trip, you will probably ask several friends if they want to go with you before deciding that you’ll do it alone.
  3. You will ask people who have traveled alone “But weren’t you bored?”
  4. People will ask you “But aren’t you afraid?”
  5. You will keep repeating to yourself that you aren’t but truth be told, deeply inside you, you are slightly concerned (this will definitely apply to your first solo trips and might vary depending on the country you will travel to).
  6. People won’t believe you when you say you are planning a solo trip.
  7. People will say you are crazy because you are planning a solo trip. I think I heard “You’re crazy!” over 10 times when I told people I was traveling to India alone, the fact that it was for my 30th birthday only aggravated the reactions.
  8. A few friends might disapprove (“Why don’t you wait until next year? I’ll go with you!” “Because I want to go now?!” “Thanks but no thanks?!”)
  9. Your family will disapprove (“You millennials and your weird habits”).
  10. Your parents will definitely disapprove (“Dalila, you’re crazy!!!”)
  11. Everyone will ask you to give them updates everyday all day long (“Just to make sure you’re still alive”).
  12. Some friends might even ask you for pictures of the plates of your driver’s car or of the driver himself (“Girls here are several pictures of the driver and car, if you don’t hear from me for more than a day post it on Facebook so that they can at least find my body…” makes total sense right?)
  13. You will not have anyone to take pictures of you and you will have to ask strangers (or your guide).
  14. On the other hand you will become a selfie pro.
  15. Most times you will not have anyone to talk to and that’s okay.
  16. You will be able to decide whether to get up early for sightseeing or sleeping in without having to take into account other people’s opinion.
  17. You might have a great time with strangers that you will never see again.
  18. You might have a great time with strangers and you will actually become friends.
  19. You will think at least twice a day “If I’m kidnapped, how long will it take for someone to notice and how will they find me?”. Oh no one? Just me? Okay…
  20. It will be an amazing experience of self-discovery, either you will realize that you are perfectly fine with traveling alone (me!) or that you need a partner in crime for your trips and that’s also okay.

        Below are some pictures of my extensive experience – two trips – has a solo traveler:

traveler 3
traveler 6
traveler 5

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