The struggle of travelling in your country when you live abroad

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August 25th, 2018

I have recently spent a couple days touristing in Lisbon with my family. I was amazed to see the amount of tourists in the city. People from all over the world I have to say. From France, Angola, China, Germany, etc. Is it silly that it made me proud?

It’s interesting to see that while I am living abroad and discovering new places around the world when I can, people from around the world are travelling to my country and discovering my country.

I have non-portuguese friends who know Portugal better than I do. Friends who have been to more cities in Portugal than I have and honestly I am jealous of them. It’s funny because people who have never lived outside their country may feel “jealous” of people who moved overseas because they are “discovering the world”, but I feel jealous of my friends who live in Portugal and get to travel to Algarve or Alentejo or Gerês or other places in Portugal whenever they want. I can’t help but feel a little pinch of sadness whenever I see pictures of friends in a random Portuguese city/town.

My country is beautiful and it makes me sad that I don’t know it better. There are so many places where I would like to go. But being an expat restricts my opportunities to do so.

Having ties with both Porto and Luxembourg, whenever I come to Europe for a long vacation my time is pretty much restricted to those two cities as that’s where my family and friends are. I feel like any time away from those two places would mean less time with them.

This year I decided that I would try to change this and find a compromise between spending time with my loved ones while also traveling in Portugal and the first attempt was a success I have to say. I spent 3 days with my family in beautiful and sunny Lisbon where I had never been as a tourist.

Discovering a little bit more of my country with my family was even more special because none of them had played tourist in Lisbon either so it was a first for all of us.

I have also planned to discover a little bit more of Portugal (Aveiro e Régua) with my friends in the upcoming days so maybe I found the perfect recipe? Meaning that indeed I need to spend time with my family and friends but that doesn’t necessarily have to happen in Porto!


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