"When life gives you lemons make lemonade" or so it goes. I never really believed in that sentence, one should be so lucky that life would just hand them anything. I believe that if it wasn’t for the experiences I went through and the risks that I have taken I would not be where I am today. I hope to share with you interesting stories about the lemons I have discovered on my path and how the lemonade has tasted so far.

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Partying in Dubai

By Dalila | Posted in lifestyle

May 22nd, 2017

Partying in Dubai is in a level of partying which I have never seen before. So further to my short experience as party goer here I will try to narrow […] Continue reading

My 30 for 30 list

By Dalila | Posted in Uncategorized

May 15th, 2017

22h30. The time I checked-in for the flight and started writing this article. India.  The country where I would be celebrating my 30th birthday alone. It’s worth mentioning that I also […] Continue reading

Why move to Dubai?

By Dalila | Posted in lifestyle

May 3rd, 2017

“Why did you decide to move to Dubai?” I think that since I have moved here I have heard that question over 30 times! My answer has remained consistent since […] Continue reading